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Bearwaller Gap Hiking Trail

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Trail Description

Bearwaller Gap Hiking Trail Sign

Many years ago, when the black bear could still be found in Middle Tennessee, it was not uncommon to find the bears “wallowing” in a patch of woods, which offered cool shade and moist earth. The local people who worked this land and called it home for years named one of these gathering areas “Bearwaller” Gap. It is said that you can still see the depressions around the gap, which are all that remain of the days when the bears came to “waller”.

Sign at the entrance of Bearwaller Gap.Trailside camping is permitted only at the Two Prong primitive camping area. No permit or special permission is required to camp there; however, you should register in and out at the trail entrances. Developed campsites are offered at Defeated Creek Campground.

Horseback riding and off-road vehicle use is prohibited on the Bearwaller Gap Trail.

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