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Turkey Creek Nature Trail

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Trail Description

Turkey Creek Nature Trail

Can you guess how the Turkey Creek Nature Trail got its name? According to legend, when the first settlers arrived here, the flocks of wild turkey “gobblers” flew through out the skies like a storm cloud deafening anyone nearby. Farmers and trappers would step out their back doors with their muzzleloaders, knowing that a turkey dinner would soon be on the table. Soon after, the wild turkey disappeared from the countryside, yet it left its name on the creek that flows by, just as those early settlers left their traces on the land.


Two fawns under a shade tree.Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers and different government agencies, the Wild Turkey has made a remarkable come back. As you walk the Turkey Creek Nature, we hope you enjoy the many natural resources you may experience. Some of the wildlife around the trail includes: White-tailed deer, Wild Turkey, Song Birds, and Squirrels.

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